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Graphic wirh text: Lovable Children's Books

Laura and I share a love of the natural world, quality literature and beautiful art. Combining all three, we set out to produce lovable children's books; the kind your child will cradle in his or her arms; the kind they will print their name inside; a treasure they will pass on to their children, and their children's children, for generations to come. The treasures Laura and I have found in visual art and in the written word have changed our lives. That inspiration is reflected in what we write about, how we illustrate our books, and in our partnership to bring your children books they'll love. Ahhh, Finally Books will help your child claim his or her unique world.

About Laura D'Argo

It was there in my little desk chair in a second grade classroom with construction paper in one hand and a glue bottle in the other when I overheard them talking - my second grade teacher and my Mother. They were speaking of my talent. My teacher was telling my Mom of people who painted greeting cards and illustrated for a living. I told my heart, "I can get paid to play, to create art!" So at the age of seven I found my true love, a passion for a career in art. That passion has grown and enriched every area of my life. Working with Greg on Ahhh, Finally Books has taken that love in a new direction; a chance to share a childlike wonder of seeing things in a different light. Greg's words are the creative canvas my illustrative paintbrush has been seeking.

Visit Laura D'Argo online at www.LauraDargo.com.

About Gregory Leifel

I grew up in a magical place called, Trout Valley. It was an area filled with deep woods, natural spring-fed trout ponds, and enough room for a young boy's imagination to run wild. Not only was I an avid listener of the natural sounds of these things-I often sat for hours just listening-but I'd walk barefoot, eat edible plants, climb trees, and try to sneak up on wildlife. Many days, I'd bring a book, lean up against a tree and travel to other worlds via literature or write my own stories. At age ten, I began to work for a neighbor, Mr. Hank Katz, doing yard work. He was an artist, an illustrator, a writer. He inspired me to continue writing, dreaming, and playing. When Laura drew a cover illustration for my story about a determined Ant, my imagination found a kindred muse, and my children's stories, a colorful home.

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