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Graphic wirh text: Lovable Children's Books

Words from Viewers of Anatomy of a Children's Book Exhibit

"As coordinator of ... District 25's Young Authors Program, I was very interested in viewing your exhibit. Your book is delightful, the illustrations are charming. I will look forward to seeing your book in our libraries."
Dee H.

"A wonderful angle in children storytelling. We need more pure minded material such as this. Love the illustration. Hope to see the book."
Charles B.

"Thanks for sharing this beautiful work with us. The story and the illustrations, and all of the process from its inception to now. Look forward to hearing more of Ant's progress. Keep us posted."
Jim & Donna H.

Moon "I have a 2 year old and was very moved by the simple uniqueness and creativity of your story and exhibit. You make it look so easy, and inspirational. It is refreshing to see adult concepts delivered to a child's world on both teaching and enjoyment. Would love to purchase when published."
Mary K.

* Comments were obtained from a guest book made available at the exhibit.

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