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Sign up below for our email list and have a chance to win a custom written story featuring your child's favorite animal (stuffed animal or pet). We'll keep you up to date on our progress to publication and you'll be among the first to know when you can have the completed, published book, How Ant Changed the World, in your child's hands.

The randomly selected winners will simply be asked to provide the name and a photo of your child's favorite animal. Author Gregory Leifel will write a short, custom story for the child and Laura D'Argo will create a custom illustration. Winners will be mailed the story and illustration suitable for framing.

Our email list is intended solely to keep you up to date on the progress of our picture book reaching publication. Be with us through the ups and downs and as we strive to reach that Ahhh, Finally moment, together. The first 1500 people to sign up for the email list will be eligible for one of two chances at the custom-written story for their child*. Our emails may occasionally contain a free, short children's story for you to enjoy.

Sincerely, The Ahhh, Finally team: Gregory Leifel & Laura A. D'Argo


*The story and illustration remains the copyright of Leifel and D'Argo.

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